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Monday, December 20, 2004
O.K., so do you know A.L.I.C.E? That internet 'bot that supposedly chats with you? (www.alicebot.org)

So today I said to her:

Elisa: So, did you know about Rob, who has a brother whose name is also Rob, but is not the same as Rob who married Rob's sister, Bobby, which is the daughter of Rob, called Rob Sr, whose nephew, Bobby Jr is not the same as Bobby, who married Rob's cousin, Rob, the second one of the brothers (the other brother being Rob the one I just told you about before, aka Bobby Sr.), whose daughter, also called Rob, had a boyfriend curiously called Bobby.

And then see if the Alicebot gets all confused.

Unfortunately, it does get confused, but about the wrong thing, because in reply the 'bot just says a bunch of non-sequiturs like:

Alice: I like ice-cream too!

So anyway, Turing Test my foot!

5:53 PM 12/20/04

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