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Monday, January 31, 2005
And it's gone! Friday's weltschmerz was nothing a little weekend introspection couldn't fix.


Anyway, the other day I was moseying around in a shop that sells a lot of stationery type stuff, you know, colored papers, nifty notebooks, and was chockablock full of stickers. If you've observed kids carefully, or remember from when you were a kid, you'll note that kids love stickers. And boy, in my case, the feeling doesn't go away even now. I remember being 5 or so and plastering the door of my room with stickers. I dunno, I guess peeling them off the paper is a very satisfying feeling, and then of course you need to get rid of the sticker by plastering it on the nearest door/wall/refrigerator before it gets all tangled up on your fingers. And then you just want more, more, more and keep plastering away until you can't reach surfaces that haven't been covered twice and twistedly already, and you think your bedroom bedpost couldn't ever have looked pretier, and neither could've your forehead. That's when you discover with delight that windows come in handy.

Too bad stickers are so expensive these days. {shrug}. Perhaps that is a big part of the mystique.

Friday, January 28, 2005
Ooh, weltschmerz.

Today it hit me a lot harder than other times. That's it. No explanation necessary.

Thursday, January 27, 2005
So, you know, that little lever thingy on soda cans that allows you to open them, that creates the very satisfying "snapshhh" fizzy sound that you hear when you open your soda?

Man, that's a wonderful invention. Whoever thought that up was a genius. Now, imagine, ten thousand years from now, when humans are extinct and apes rule the planet, that some ape comes across this very old unopened can. Do you think they'll figure it out? Or would they bang on the can 'till it opens?

6:46 PM 1/27/05

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Yesterday I was really bored so after work I went off and auditioned for the concert choir at one of the local colleges. I showed up to first rehearsal, and was amused to see that there was not a single college student in the group and I was probably the youngest person there (and I'm not that young!).

But the interesting part was, that everyone there was so welcoming, attentive, and genuinely nice to me. Everyone I met went out of their way to make sure I got a score, that I had a good seat in the appropriate section, that I had a pencil to fill out the forms, even if it meant doing without for themselves, and was genuinely interested in finding out who I was. Everyone. And I wasn't even a full member of the choir yet.

So who knows, perhaps there's something about growing older and having seen your children grow into adults that somehow, finally, throws the selfishness switch off.

I wish that one day my switch gets turned in this way too.

10:30 AM 1/26/05

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
So, you know that guy Juan Luis Guerra, a pretty famous musician from the Dominican Republic (he plays latin style stuff)? Well, lately his song "Las Avispas" is sounding a lot on the radio around here. The song has really funny lyrics, and it is very dancy. But the best part are the lyrics. Yeh. Says things like (roughly translated): "If my enemy comes here a-bugging me, God will send them his wasps to sting him, and I can run off laughing!"

12:35 PM 1/18/05

Saturday, January 08, 2005
I bought me an mp3 player for christmas. It plays pictures, too. And built in radio. But the best part is the silly little games that come with it. There's this game where you're a little circle with eyes that has to push some boxes around a maze and position them in a particular corner of the maze. It's a thinking puzzle and I'm only at level 8 (out of around 30). But I wonder once I get to level 30 the fun is really going to be gone, huh?

9:55 PM 1/8/05

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Too cold to think...

7:31 PM 1/5/05

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Daisy, Daysie, Daisie with the golden thorn,
Waysie, maysie, ring around the rosie....

Darn! What rhymes with thorn?

6:57 PM 1/4/05

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