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Monday, January 31, 2005
And it's gone! Friday's weltschmerz was nothing a little weekend introspection couldn't fix.


Anyway, the other day I was moseying around in a shop that sells a lot of stationery type stuff, you know, colored papers, nifty notebooks, and was chockablock full of stickers. If you've observed kids carefully, or remember from when you were a kid, you'll note that kids love stickers. And boy, in my case, the feeling doesn't go away even now. I remember being 5 or so and plastering the door of my room with stickers. I dunno, I guess peeling them off the paper is a very satisfying feeling, and then of course you need to get rid of the sticker by plastering it on the nearest door/wall/refrigerator before it gets all tangled up on your fingers. And then you just want more, more, more and keep plastering away until you can't reach surfaces that haven't been covered twice and twistedly already, and you think your bedroom bedpost couldn't ever have looked pretier, and neither could've your forehead. That's when you discover with delight that windows come in handy.

Too bad stickers are so expensive these days. {shrug}. Perhaps that is a big part of the mystique.

Hola Elisa!! thanks for visiting me...and the stickers doesn´t like me when i was a little girl, but now i like them a lottt...sorry for my english...
Saludos desde Chihuahua, México.
I like the ones you scratch and release minty or pineappley or chocolatey smells. When you peel them, since your fingers do the trick, they are perfumed, too (not many people notice this). I suppose you could use some utensil instead, like tweezers.

A pack costs 2 bucks, but that's like 27 of them. At 4 in sq a piece. I guesstimate that a typical door is like 7'x3', Ay, that's like 56 dollars to cover a door. But it's all worthwhile just to see your toddler brother gnaw at the wood, like some sort of chipmunk -- after all, it does smell like chocolate, and it's not like he can (yet) tell the difference.

Careful with the fingers.
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