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Friday, February 11, 2005
Today I was thinking, where are this country's intellectuals?

In Mexico, the intellectuals periodically pop out in TV programs, give conferences at universities, write in the paper. As a teenager I could easily name at least 10 people who were part of this community in my country.

Now, after living in the US 10 years, I can only name one name of the "intellectual elite" crowd in the US, and that name only came to mind because he popped up in a Mexican newspaper back when I was a teen. He's a rather controversial fellow. I can't really say I like his views, but anyway, I digress...

So I did a Google search for USA intellectual elite and I couldn't find the identities of the people of this elite. So who are they then? Where do they write? Do authors such as Maya Angelou count? Even if they don't go out and express any political views? And how come the masses (like me) don't seem to have access to the intellectual elite's brains and opinions by means of, let's say, a newspaper, or a 1 hour TV interview? How come all I have access to is the opinions of the fellow uneducated masses (to name them kindly) on Jerry Springer or the Hollywood entertainment circuit on Oprah?

I think this question is important.

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