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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Last night I had to retrieve the antenna from the vacant field where I had set it up four days ago (when it was raining, remember?).

It was 10 p.m. at night, and the moonlight cast a dark shadow over the path of trampled grass, and the clouds low in the horizon glowed orange from the city lights....

And a siren's distant wail accompanied my walk towards the pale blue blinking of my receiver's LEDs, and a military plane flew overhead, and as I fiddled nervously with the cables it felt like I was the protagonist of some ominous science fiction movie.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I must say you writewith flair and poetry. I'm not referring to your comment on my blog, but to the posting on your blog.
If the assumptions I got from the article in question, then I apologize for any hurt feelings. I wish I still had the article. I believe I got it from another blog and probably should have researched it myself.
I still think children of illegal immigrants should not have automactic citizenship. Someone who takes the time and effort to become a citizen should have all the same rights of those born here.
I really need a proof reader to correct my comments before I post them. I wanted to say:"If the assumptions I got from the article in question are wrong, then I apologize.

I do believe illegal aliens are a drain on our Medical establishment. And I think they have found a way to recieve welfare and other government handouts. If a Greencard can be forged than I see no trouble for them to forge any and all documents they may need.

The people in our government offices have been proven to be very lax as to follow up investigations.

How many times have we heard of people defrauding welfare and doing it for years?

I find it hard to believe you will not be able to draw Social Security when you retire. If so, then it's very unfair. Perhaps you have to be a naturalized citizen. If that's the case then I have to agree with it. Paying taxes in a country where you are not a citizen should not give you the right to have a say. Do you know of a country that does that simply because you pay taxes?

You never said if you were naturalized citizen or not. I read some of your postings, so I know you are from Mexico. Would I have a vote there if I worked in your country? I don't think so.
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