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Sunday, March 06, 2005
On Friday, for my birthday, my family sent me some flowers. My brother is living in New York, and my parents live in Mexico, but even so, they managed to send me 31 (they were supposed to be 30, but an extra button slipped in....the lucky button, I guess) tulips to the office.

The cool thing about the package was that it very much appealed to my engineer sensibilities, for the flowers came with "some assembly required". You know, remove the refrigerant bag, fill up the vase (included) with water, add and stir the flower food, trim the stems, cut the stem bindings, insert stems (B) into vase (A), and voilĂ !

So they're currently sitting in my dining room table. In the morning, when I wake up, the yellow, pink, and red with white tulips greet me with a cheery carnival of color in my otherwise sparsely furnished apartment. And in the evenings, when all is quiet and only the dim foyer light bathes them from the side, I like to sit in my living room and gaze at them at my leisure, letting my eyes slowly meander along the stems and multicolored buds, to preserve the memory, not just the visual one of the flowers' delicate beauty, but the sunny warmth that illuminates my insides every time I look and remember what they're symbolizing (and, come to think of it, it is precisely this what makes them truly beautiful).

Funny stuff, this whole love thing. It only takes a simple flower vase for it to even automatically tele-operate long distance.

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