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Monday, March 14, 2005
Oy, isn't it distressing, when you're practicing your fencing moves in front of the mirror in your company's empty bathroom (advance, retreat with parry circle 6--2, advance-feint 4, disengage--lunge), and, just right when your front foot has lifted and your back foot is springing you energetically and irreparably towards the final lunge, you find yourself having to pull your arm back right before landing, and you do this in slow motion, resisting against all instinct (for in foil fencing, pulling your arm back as you attack is a sure way to lose a point), but you then finally give up and relent, to avoid the even more irreparably real and unfortunate tragedy of terrorizing the person who has just picked that precise moment to walk in the door, and, because it was already too late to stop your feet, you land in a beautiful (except for the bent arm) extended lunge 2 meters forward from where you started the phrase d'armes?

Try explaining that one to a startled head of the department.

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