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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
So one of my friends from work recently bought himself a new Subaru he's particularly fond of. Today during lunchtime we (the usual work lunch crowd) finally got a ride on his spiffy new car, and amidst the good natured teasing and out loud car feature evaluations (during which I discovered that the jokingly intended comment: "Oooh, is that a scratch on your brand new car?" is not a particularly welcome one among the male new car owner population) we discovered that a person of my size and weight does not trigger the passenger's side airbag "on" switch. After some conjecture on what the sensors were doing, and whether this "feature" was a defect or not, and whether air bags hurt when they deploy, and should a person my size carry a load of books to trigger a weight sensor, if any, and all sorts of other little random conversational tangents, we got back into work and I forgot all about the matter.

Later in the day, I get this email:

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 4:31 PM
To: Elisa Pasquali
Subject: Seating instructions

Elisa -

There is a check list in the owner's manual for my car that has six or seven steps you go through if the passenger's airbag says "Off". For example, you're supposed to be "properly seated" and there are a number of seat manipulations to go through so the system believes you are in fact properly seated. Next time we go to lunch perhaps we can try them. Please do not go to the trouble of gaining weight in order to make the seat believe you're there. If necessary I can give you a concrete block to hold in your lap while we are driving.


At which point I no longer knew what to think, so I asked him for permission to quote him in my blog.

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