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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
So today at lunchtime I went to the East and West Bookshop, which is a bookstore near my house that sells all sorts of weird "peaceful" and "yogalike" and "feng-shui" stuff. I like the shop because it always smells very nice, it also has a fountain in the middle (yes, right on top of the carpeting!), which produces a very pleasing sound and, unlike most other bookstores I frequent, this one actually has many comfortable seats, so it is a nice place to have a rest and browse around, even if the books themselves are not particularly edifying.

Anyway, today as I was looking around the aromatic candle section (did I mention the primary reason I visit there is that the bookshop smells delicious?) my eyes came to rest on an incense burner that had all the appearance of what Disney believes the Aladdin Lamp should look like. So I picked it up and weighed it in my hand, thinking things like "If this were really a lamp and not an incense burner, it would be very ackward to carry" and so forth, and when I turned it around to check out the price (just out of curiosity, of course), I found that it was, indeed, marked with the lettering "LAMP ALADDIN".

My eyes widened in surprised amusement, in a "should've known" kind of way, but then I found myself clutching the incense burner closer to my chest, darting a few quick surreptitious glances at my surroundings, and, upon finding no one nearby that could observe what I was doing, I rubbed it ........... because............ well............. you never know............. ;)

Hahahaha -- Elisa that's sweet. Although I have to wonder whether upon your rubbing a genie actually appeared to grant you three wishes. If s/he didn't, I suppose you could have achieved the same effect by throwing some coins into the fountain (I mean for the wishing, not the jinni).

Since your birthday is coming up (glorious God to grace us with this beauty! certainly a reason to celebrate every year), you do get a wish to your credit: use it wisely. =)
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