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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Today I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and thought up the following Limerick:

There was once a woman from Bristol
who couldn't think up of something to rhyme with Bristol.
When asked to write a Limerick
she also couldn't figure out what to rhyme with Limerick,
so she shot the requestor with a......rifle.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Hee hee hee he!! Ho ho boy, sorry, I know I'm not supposed to laugh at my own jokes, but....

Anyway, think you can do better? Then submit your own Limerick in this post's comments section! Best one gets a prize, offensive ones will be deleted, insert standard disclaimers here, etc. etc. Ready? Go!

Very cute :-). Ha ha, why piddle with a small handgun when a rifle can end all Limerick reque--

Okay, I cannot (and shall not) take credit for these, for fear of staring down a long dark barrel, but as far as classic Limericks go:

There once was a man from Peru,
Whose Limericks always ended on line two.

There once was a man from Verdunn...
Does submitting multiple Limericks increase odds of winning? Any purchase required? Void where prohibited by law?

There once was a man from New York,
Who ate his soup with a fork.
Like a great big buffoon
He began to swoon
When his best friend gave him a spork.

A woman with Windows and woe,
Had brows scrunched in a furrow.
Since her LCD screen
Displayed only green,
The Blue Screen of Death was a no show.
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who tried to catch fish in a bucket
But the fish all jumped out
so he started to shout
"The bucket don't work, so the hell with it."
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