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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Me1: "Today is Sunday....what shall I do today?"

Me2: "Hmm...it is nice out."

Me1: "It is."

Me2: " Not too warm, not too cold, puffy clouds in sky, people outside seem happy and playful..."

Me1: "They do."

Me2: "How about a bike ride?"

Me1: "Hmm....what state is my bike in? Oh wait, I need to pump the tires and carry it down the steps and...."

Me2: "Come on, take us bike riding, it will be fun...."

Me1: "You know, for some reason today I feel like sitting at an outdoor cafe, people watch, and live the good life..."

Heh. The cool thing about arguing with yourself is that, no matter what happens, your side always wins.

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