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Friday, June 10, 2005
Heh heh. So yesterday in one of the well known internet discussion forums (hint: in this forum, you can also find apartments for rent, personals, event listings, etc, and it is organized by city, and basically no graphics, and is the list of someone whose name rhymes with egg), some doofus put up a derogatory post exploiting all possible negative stereotypes of Mexican women: namely, that they are uneducated, that their families are crass and drunk, and an assortment of various and sundry misaprehensions of Mexican culture, concluding in the end that Mexican women are, due to these reasons, intrinsically "undateable".

I decided it would be instructive to the original poster, if he was made aware of the types of women he was missing out on meeting by making these kinds of sweeping erroneous generalizations.

After I explained, by way of an example, that both my brother and I are graduates of top US universities, that my parents are university professors, that everyone in my immediate family speaks at least 3 languages fluently and is conversational in one more each, that we've travelled extensively, that we can discuss literature, politics, and philosophy in precise, 30-minute monologues that will make your head spin, and so on and so forth, I received a reply from the original poster, claiming that I couldn't be real, that I and everything I had said about my family was a fantasy.


This is the second time, apparently, that someone has decided that I do not exist.


It always saddens me to hear about such ignorance and calumny.
Elisa, "Ignorance and stupidity are poisonous flowers of the same irrelevant tree."
This "elegant" quotation is mine, not anybody else's, and you may quote me. Pa'.
I would rephrase the "elegant" statment, which was not so elegant after all. Stupidity, arrogance and intollerance are the foul smelling flowers of the mischievous plant of ignorance.
Ti piace? pa'.
Cool! Liked them both!
It seems to me that the original poster has to come to Mexico... and meet some normal people.olga
Since when did Craig rhyme with egg?
To use a quote that I didn't make up myself:
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein
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