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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
The other day while we were riding on the bus my younger brother asked me: "When, do you think, do people get old?"

And I chuckled, a bit due to the sheer innocence of the question, a bit too perhaps at the anticipation of the facetiousness in my reply, which went along the lines of: "Oh, I don't know, around the time they turn 65, probably."

But as I said this I already recognized, that there are a lot of 25-year olds jaded and bitter after having chosen, sarcastic, unforgiving, distrustful, and angry at artificial exaggerated hurts, to carry the weight of a world on their shoulders, and as said this I also already knew, that at 65 I would still be much younger than they.

People regularly mistake me for my 18 yr old daughter's sister. Since I don't dress or behave like I'm 18, I have to believe its because I haven't let "age" age me. On the other hand, several people have commented to me lately that my daughter seems to have an old soul. So maybe we have met in the middle.

My grandmother is pushing 90 and one of the funest people you could ever meet. She swears in French, drinks at all social events and likes to make fun of old people.

Age is all in your mind.
Perhaps they should be cajoled to shrug.
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