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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Heh. I quantum-tunnelled my way into a co-worker's cube the other day.

Boss walks in, hears me talking, asks: "Where are you, I can hear you, but I can't see you?"

(I was actually under the desk, switching the monitor connection between 2 computers).

As I rose up from under the desk all I had to do was say: "That's because I hadn't fully materialized yet."

And then Boss (he's a smart one!) says: "Ah, of course! Quantum tunnelling!!"

I tell you man, me and quantum physics, we mix in very strange ways.

As it happens, I quantum-tunnelled to work the other day. I looked at my boss, who just rolled his eyes and said, "Bohrrrrrrrring."
I wish I worked with witty people who owned a sense of humor. Most jokes at my office start with "There was a redneck and a..."
p.s. i love you: Well, as you can see from the other comments in here, hanging out with people who make really bad particle physics puns is not always that much better! ;)

(Just teasing, E and Carlos. I adore your "strange" and "quark-y" jokes. ;)).
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