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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
So today I had to go visit the land of HR, which is always, at least for me, a decidedly surreal experience.

On this particular occasion, I dropped by to inquire about a rutinary payroll issue, and was cheerfully greeted by L., who asked me if I had enjoyed my Saturday.

Of course, I always enjoy my Saturdays, so (it being a Tuesday the question had seemed a little strange to me) I replied with an amused, "Yes, of course!", to which she beamed and commented on the gorgeous weather we had had that day, and how lucky that everything had turned out great.

At around that point I realized, that she was referring to our company's picnic, which took place on the Saturday in question and which, as it happens, I did not attend. As the inevitable chuckle, excuse and explanation followed, she replied with: "Are you sure? I thought I saw you there..."

Now, this was quite refreshing, for if you recall the past instances where my existence has been denied (refer to documented evidence here and here), and the resulting distress and existential crisis that inevitably follows, in this case it turned out that I was actually present somewhere where I was not, so I figured the universe, after all these months, was finally turning around and balancing out correctly the way it should do, this conclusion then producing the expected serenity and peace of mind which one always appreciates especially on dreary, rainy Tuesday mornings.

Still, it is a little worrying, that the laws of quantum physics seem to bend a lot whenever I am (or in this case am not) around....

How can one write and get to know you if theres no email address? Or maybe that was intentional? lol
Well, I sometimes browse blogs when Im bored looking for someone interesting (preferably female) and after almost 2 hours youve been the most interesting (and beautiful!) person Ive seen.
Email me if you'd like to talk more. Or message me on yahoo- thegman67 on yahoo messenger. gehrlichman at gmail dot com.
I always have people think they know me. I have been mistaken for the girl that lived beside them when they were growing up, old girlfriends, previous co-workers, babysitter from their youth. One person at a convenience store thought that I was her sister. How much do you have to look like someone to be mistaken for their sister? The funny part, my oldest daughter looks exactly like me and yet no one ever thinks they know her.
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